Field Training

Tackle Challenges
With Ease

Set Go Cricket Coaching Academy presents an immersive Field Training program meticulously designed to elevate the tactical understanding and fielding expertise of aspiring cricketers. Rooted in technical precision, our program delves into strategic positioning, quick reflex development, and situational awareness crucial for effective fielding in the game of cricket. Under the guidance of seasoned coaches, participants undergo specialized drills focusing on catching, throwing accuracy, and agile movements across the field. Emphasis is placed on developing a quick response to the ball, mastering ground fielding techniques, and optimizing throwing mechanics. The program extends beyond individual skills, fostering cohesive teamwork and communication in the field. Let us refine your fielding techniques & enhance your cricketing intelligence as you become an invaluable asset on the cricket field.

Quality Training

Best-in-class available coaching using the most innovative method.

Affiliated Coaches

Highly accomplished and renowned faces in the field of cricket.


Excellent chances through exposure at national & international level.


Highly supportive management & coaches to make you the best cricketer.

Grooming All-Time
Cricket Stars

Where the aspirations of many talented, upcoming, and blooming Cricket Stars make a move towards fruition.

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