About Set Go

From Aspirants to
Becoming Winners

Set Go Cricket Academy in Dubai is an unceremonious effort to create a sincere and dependable training facility for genuinely aspiring young cricketing talents in and around the UAE. Set Go was conceptualized by Shujain Majeed and Muhammed Shaheen, highly accomplished cricket enthusiasts who generously support the initiative and encourage budding talents to excel in the field of Cricket. Under the mentorship of C.P. Rizwan the acclaimed international cricketer from UAE, we make sure that our students get the best cricket training, rewarding cricket tournaments and international cricket tours.

Set Go Cricket Academy ensure that their physical, mental and technical needs are met by excellent coaching facilities and equipment. The training scheduler includes warm-ups and exercises for fitness and stamina, drills, running between wickets, and net practice to improve different batting strokes and consistency in target bowling and action. Finer mistakes are identified and corrected.

Our Executive Directors

Greetings from Set Go Cricket Academy in Dubai! It is with immense pride and excitement that I welcome you to our esteemed institution. Our commitment to excellence is reflected in the calibre of our membership, notably CP Rizwan, the captain of the UAE cricket team. With state-of-the-art technological facilities, we offer a cutting-edge training environment, ensuring our players receive the best resources for their development. Set Go is not just a local academy; we're exporters of talent to both local and international professional cricket. Join us on this incredible journey, where we shape careers and create cricketing legends.

Shujain Majeed, Director of Setac Group of Companies

Welcome to Set Go Cricket Academy, where our mission is to sculpt future cricket stars. With C.P. Rizwan on board, our membership boasts unparalleled expertise. Our academy provides a highly curated array of cricket training, combining traditional techniques with modern innovations. We take pride in being a nexus for talent, exporting skilled players to both local and international cricket circuits. Beyond training, Set Go is committed to grassroots development, organizing various school and state-level tournaments to enhance the cricketing skills of young talents. Join us as we nurture the cricketing aspirations of the next generation.

Muhammed Shaheen, CEO, Seven Capitals & GoGym, Dubai
Our Mission

Our mission at Set Go Cricket Academy is to provide unparalleled cricket training experiences in Dubai. Our dedicated coaching staff, including seasoned professionals, is committed to imparting knowledge, instilling discipline, and nurturing the potential within each cricketer. By fostering a culture of continuous improvement and resilience, we strive to empower our students with the skills and mindset needed to excel in the dynamic world of cricket and unparalleled exposure to all aspiring young cricketers.

Our Vision

At Set Go Cricket Academy in Dubai, our vision is to be the catalyst for cricketing excellence, fostering a generation of skilled and resilient cricketers. We aim to create a nurturing environment where aspiring talents develop not only technical prowess but also a deep passion for the sport. Through innovative training methodologies and a commitment to holistic development, we envision producing cricketing champions who embody the spirit of sportsmanship and carry the legacy of Set Go on the international stage.

Grooming All-Time
Cricket Stars

Where the aspirations of many talented, upcoming, and blooming Cricket Stars make a move towards fruition.

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