Video Analysis

Exposure to
Latest Tech

Set Go Cricket Coaching Academy pioneers cutting-edge Video Analysis Training, revolutionizing skill refinement in cricket. Our program employs advanced video technology to dissect every nuance of a player's performance, offering exceptional insights for targeted improvement. Under the expert guidance of our coaching team, participants undergo detailed video sessions where their batting, bowling, and fielding techniques are scrutinized frame by frame. Through slow-motion playback and side-by-side comparisons, players gain a profound understanding of their mechanics, identifying strengths and areas for improvement. Coaches provide strategic feedback, guiding players to refine their actions and optimize performance. Incorporating this technical marvel into our coaching methodology ensures that players at Set Go receive a comprehensive and data-driven approach to skill development.

Quality Training

Best-in-class available coaching using the most innovative method.

Affiliated Coaches

Highly accomplished and renowned faces in the field of cricket.


Excellent chances through exposure at national & international level.


Highly supportive management & coaches to make you the best cricketer.

Grooming All-Time
Cricket Stars

Where the aspirations of many talented, upcoming, and blooming Cricket Stars make a move towards fruition.

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